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Address of the Hotel:
Ramos #9, Col. Centro,
Pátzcuaro, Mich. México
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Distances on Km. in Mich.
From Pátzcuaro
 Acuitzio del Canje
 Ario de Rosales
 La Huacana
 Santa. Clara del Cobre
Distances table:
México-Morelia 303 Km.
Guadalajara-Morelia 295 Km.
Querétaro-Morelia 196 Km.
 From Morelia to:
Pátzcuaro  53 Km.
Zamora 144 Km. free road
  162 Km. toll road
Zitácuaro 146 Km.
Uruapan 117 Km. free road
  108 Km. toll road
Lázaro Cárdenas 387 Km. free road from Uruapan
  310 Km. toll road



Hotel Patzcuaro is located in the heart of Patzcuaro, a colonial city considered one of the most beautiful traditional villages of America, in Michoacan, Mexico.

Patzcuaro is the heart of the lake area, one of the points that identify the state of Michoacan and that was the main pre-Hispanic religious center since ancient inhabitants  said  that there was the gate of heaven where the gods descended and ascended.

The municipality of Pátzcuaro houses a population of  48.000  inhabitants, 4.840 of whom speak indigenous languages


The city is a jewel of  colonial architecture  where you can see religious monuments of Baroque and neoclassical in excellent condition.

Adobe and brick buildings give it a unique look, in line with squares, fountains and cobbled streets. The always friendly treatment of its people  is combined in a charming atmosphere   that invites you to return again and again.

The main attractions to visit in the city are:

·La Basílica de Nuestra Señora de La Salud
·El Santuario de Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe
·La iglesia del Sagrario
·La Plaza Vasco de Quiroga
·El Mirador El Estribo
·La Plaza Gertrudis Bocanegra
·La Casa de los once patios
·La capilla del Humilladero
·El templo de La Compañía de Jesús
·El Templo de San Francisco
·El Palacio de Huitziméngari
·El Templo de San Juan de Dios
·La plazuela de San Francisco


The Patzcuaro  region  -and its surrounding towns-, is not only history, culture, tradition, customs, fairs, dances, music, food, architecture, archeology, natural beauty and landscape diversity, it also is a handicraft production  center known throughout the world.

Currently, it produces over 30 varieties of crafts, classified in different industries such as pottery, metalwork, wood, textiles and fibers, among others.  Most of these  branches  have their origin in  the state  pre-Hispanic times and today, many are still produced using ancient techniques

The cuisine in the Patzcuaro region is varied. It is possible to taste famous dishes such as whitefish,  uchepos, tamales and enchiladas placeras. 

Also famous are Tarascan sou -made with tortillas, cheese and tomato sauce-, and corundas, another variety of triangular-shape tamales served with salsa and sour cream.

The Sweets that stand out in Patzcuaro, are chocolate de metate, canned fruit, pinole, donuts, natural fruit pulp icecream, guava rolls, caramel, and coconut candies.


Carnaval fiesta
Begin the Sunday before Ash Wednesday. For three days, you can see the traditional and colorful "toritos de petate" of the different neighborhoods of the city dancing in the streets.

Friday of Lazarus: Barrio del Cristo
Viernes de Dolores: Barrio del Calvario
Viernes Santo: Procession of Christs through the main streets of the City.
Sábado Santo: Procession of silence by the congregation of the hooded of the Third Order of the Temple of San Francisco, by the city's main streets.
Domingo de Resurrección: Burning of Judas in San Francisco Square.

Día 3:
Fiesta of the Santa Cruz, Barrio de la Cruz Verde

JUNIO: El primer jueves: Corpus and "rejuego" in the main streets

JULIO: Día 21: Anniversary of the miraculous movements of the lord of the Third Order of St. Francis church.

SEPTIEMBRE: Día 28: Anniversary of the title of City of Michoacan Patzcuaro. Historical parade, cultural events, popular festival.

NOVIEMBRE: Days 1 and 2: Celebration of the Day of the Dead

DICIEMBRE: Day 8: Fiesta in honor of the Virgen de la Salud, patron of  Patzcuaro.  Temple of the Shrine.


Photography: Ariel da Silva Parreira